KIDS NANNY MAIDS After my struggles with securing a suitable helper, when my own children were little, I decided to add Nanny Maids SA to my already existing recruitment services offering. That was back in 2009. Finding a suitable, reliable and willing nanny always proved to be the most challenging thing, in a world where securing employment always seemed most challenging, what an irony! Now, if you are anything like I was, you probably want the best for your children and will not settle for anything less.

I spent many hours contemplating this, concerned that maybe I was being too much, too demanding and even impossible. But then, I realized one thing, I was not alone! Plenty of other moms were indeed facing the same struggles as I was. This is when I came to the conclusion that, indeed the saying “many are called but few are chosen” held most true in this case. You see, being a nanny to someone else’s children, requires more than just a title, it requires guts(yes, I said it) because those are not just any kids, they are MY kids! So, I came up with a model to sift out the sissy nannies from the Nannymaids and after 10 years of trial and error, I finally got to understand what works and I am going to stick with that. So, I bring you 10 years’ worth of worry in one single formula for successful matchmaking.

KIDS NANNY MAIDS At Nanny Maids we have come to be trusted and known, not only for our exceptional Nannies, but also for our kind nurses and care-givers. It can be quite reassuring, to know that, the person you have trusted with your elderly parents is worth their salt, especially when you have a career and a home to juggle. The last thing you need is to worry about the well-being of your beloved parents. The same is true if your concern is more around your super active autistic child, whose demands require not just patience, but lots of energy to keep up with. We have young care-givers and nurses, most of whom, hail from Zimbabwe, who work tirelessly day and night, taking care of loved ones and bringing much needed relief to many a family.

At Nanny Maids SA, we cater for today’s modern mom, who might be juggling a career, business, professional life and even home running. The safety and well-being of her children is a priority. However, at the same time, she might need an efficient housekeeper, Au Pair and even tutor to keep everything flowing. This is why we employ such a stringent selection criteria, taking into consideration, all the concerns any parent or parent-to-be may have. We want you to know that, the prospective employee has been vetted, is reliable and is both willing AND able to perform the task at hand.

There is an African saying that goes like this “It takes a village to raise a child” truer words have not been said, especially when you consider how important community is and in this case, the collective parent community. This is why we take the referral system so seriously. We trust the opinion of former employers because they too, are parents, just like you! We take vetting very seriously, so seriously infact, that no one is excused from it, even prospective employers go through our basic processes. This is not to disorganize you in any way, but just some measures we would like to have in place, for your comfort.

TOP 10 Security Tips For Parents, Care-Givers and Parents To-Be!

  1. Always recruit your domestic worker from a reputable service provider
  2. Always vet your self-recruited domestic or childminder
  3. Know which categories of employees fall under Domestic Workers e.g AU PAIRS, Nurses etc.
  4. Always put your Housekeepers on trial, whenever possible.
  5. Always sign a contract with your new Nanny or Maid, just to ensure that both of you are protected.
  6. Include a probation clause in your contract, just to be sure.
  7. Always consult with the agency on available options to help you with UIF requirements.
  8. Avoid CCMA issues by following the correct protocols to dismiss employees
  9. Always consult with a knowledgeable agency on all contract related matters.
  10. Follow the department of labour guidelines on Domestic sectoral determinations and salaries.

Our Value Proposition
" - Striving towards an Authentic and meticulous integrity appraisal process."

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