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A Crèche, an Au Pair or a Nanny?

To be sure, a crèche is a viable solution (but not the only one) if you need a safe, secure place and experienced personnel to mind your little one during the day when you’re at work, usually for 5 days per week throughout the year, other than during the relatively short period when you take your annual leave.

Granny’s “Own Time”

Although it was once very much the norm, most moms in Gauteng no longer have easy access to grandparents for regular childcare. Even if she lives close by, is it really fair to tie a granny down to babysitting duties on an on-going basis, year in and year out? After all, she’s raised her own and deserves to have some “own time” now, during her retirement.

Daytime Naps

Looking after little ones can be quite exhausting, especially if the child is particularly active. Some babies require lots of sleep or naps during the day, whilst others just don’t. Likewise, toddlers frequently fall within one group or the other. In the latter case, there’s no break for the grandparent; constant supervision is required.

Toddlers’ Testing “Terrible Twos”

Don’t forget the so-called “terrible twos” either, the age at which a busy toddler is learning to assert him or herself for the first time. They’ll be likely to be extra demanding, prone to the display of an occasional (if you’re lucky) temper tantrum and possibly misbehaving deliberately to test their boundaries. Make no mistake, this is an equally testing time for their minder, requiring loads of patience, time, understanding, experience and coping skills.

Questions to Consider Prior to Crèche Enrolment

  • Does the crèche remain operational during school holidays? Most will close for about 3 – 4 weeks at the end of the year during the December break, so you’ll need to make alternative arrangements for this period if you’re unable to take leave from work yourself.
  • Is the crèche registered?
  • How many staff members do they employ and how many children do they accommodate?
  • What is their ratio of minders to children?
  • Has the facility checked the backgrounds, experience and references of child minders?
  • How long has the crèche been in operation?
  • Pay them a visit and take note of all salient points and features of the facility.
  • Is a staff member with a working knowledge of first aid on hand at all times?
  • What early, age appropriate educational activities and facilities are offered?
  • Are adequate safety and security measures in place?
  • Is access strictly controlled?
  • Cleanliness and standards of hygiene throughout the premises.
  • Safe, supervised indoor and outdoor play areas for toddlers and older children.
  • Are you able to make suitable, alternative arrangements for your baby’s or toddler’s care when they’re ill and unable to go to crèche?
  • Remember to plan for the day when your youngster outgrows a crèche environment.

Excellent Alternative Childcare Options – Au Pairs and Nannies

While your little one is still an infant, you may prefer to engage a nanny to take care of him/her in the safe, familiar environment of home. One major advantage is that she’s on hand when the youngster is unwell, unable to attend school or crèche. She may also perform certain domestic duties, but her primary function should be that of childcare.

When engaging a nanny, be sure to check her background, experience and references personally. Don’t simply employ someone “off the street”; it’s not safe and your child’s safety and wellbeing is paramount. Alternatively and ideally, make use of the recruitment services of a specialised Gauteng agency like NannyMaids, who take care of all necessary checks on your behalf, including criminal clearing fingerprint testing.

At NannyMaids, we can also put you in touch with excellent au pairs, who likewise undergo comprehensive screening and checks prior to being deemed suitable to list with our agency for future employment. Furthermore, we encourage our clients to pop in to our Gauteng premises to meet and familiarise themselves with the proposed au pair (or nanny), prior to making a final decision.

Some au pairs work with infants, but generally they prefer to take care of older children who require someone to fetch them from school, take them to and from extracurricular activities, and assist them with or supervise homework and academic projects.

Consider your requirements and options – discuss them with us at NannyMaids. We look forward to working with you in order to find you and your child’s perfect au pair or nanny, if this is your preferred option.


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