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South African homeowners are extremely fortunate because there’s so much which this country offers its inhabitants. In SA and particularly in Gauteng on the highveld, we have glorious weather, lots of sunshine, mild winters, spacious homes and gardens, a love of the outdoors and a great quality lifestyle envied by many people who reside elsewhere.

To top it all off, most South Africans are able to employ a domestic helper or nanny, part or full time – an aspect of South African daily life which numerous citizens regard as essential, whilst foreigners consider this practice to be an absolute luxury. In most other countries, only the wealthiest sector of their populations has the means to engage domestic help and similar services.

Life Without Domestic Help

Today, most moms have jobs which take them away from the home all day, 5 days per week, unlike a few generations ago, when dads were the sole breadwinners and women dedicated their days (and lives) to housekeeping and child rearing.

Such housewives worked hard, especially those who were particularly proud of their homes at a time when there were far fewer appliances and aids available to make their tasks less taxing and time consuming. Even in modern homes, equipped with the cleaning equipment, housekeeping is a mammoth undertaking and it never stops.

Much of what was done today, will have to be repeated tomorrow, the next day, week and month, probably year too. It’s great if Dad and the children pitch in and help with chores, but there’s still an enormous amount to do, and someone has to do it.

Typically, Mom tries to pick up the slack, despite being exhausted by her own busy day and other responsibilities at work, with the next day waiting in the wings, when she’ll be faced with more of the same.  

Everyone expects clean clothes to wear each morning, breakfast and a nutritious packed lunch to see them through the day. By the same token, no one enjoys returning to a chaotic, unkempt house with unmade beds and unwashed dishes, and not a sight, sign or sniff of dinner wafting in the air from the kitchen.

Advantages of Recruiting Domestic Help

  • Both income earners can go off to work, secure in the knowledge that their home is in good hands and household chores will be attended to in their absence.
  • One can return on completion of a workday, relax, unwind and spend quality time with the family in the sanctuary of home, instead of attempting to accomplish the most urgent, important household tasks, albeit in a rudimentary, “touch and go” fashion.
  • If your child is unwell and unable to attend school due to illness, a responsible domestic assistant is on hand to care for him/her in your absence, without the need for you to take time off work or sacrifice part of your annual leave in order to do so.
  • You may decide to engage a nanny/domestic helper primarily for childcare, but keep in mind that she’ll focus on this aspect and thus won’t be able to take on a housekeeper’s full function too, although she may help in this area as and when time allows.
  • Depending on your requirements and the abilities of your helper, preparation of supper and/or other meals may form part of her duties.

Gauteng’s Specialised Domestic Recruitment Service

You would no more invite a complete stranger to have the run of your house in your absence, than fly to the moon, unassisted. So, it is astounding that some people still engage someone completely unknown, “off the street” as it were, giving them free access to their homes, prized possessions and very lives (sometimes their precious children too), without carefully checking their background, qualifications, experience and credentials.

At NannyMaids, we specialise in nanny, domestic help and au pair recruitment services, in our role as agents on behalf of both parties – the job seeker and the prospective employer – you. Our screening, selection and checking processes are stringent.

It’s quick and easy to list your requirements for domestic candidates in Gauteng; simply complete our online recruitment request as fully as possible and we’ll put you in touch with candidates who best match your needs. Ideally, make an appointment to meet them at our Randpark Ridge premises prior to making this vitally important job offer to a domestic candidate. 


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