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Reasons to Hire Domestic Workers in Gauteng Through a Nanny Agency!

Looking to hire domestic workers in Gauteng? It’s the 21st century and the age of women staying home to clean, cook and look after the children while the men go out and make the money are long gone. In these modern times, and especially in our tough downturn economy, most families can’t afford to live on one salary alone and to manage their financial needs, both parents need to work.

So, you've decided that you need to hire a domestic worker in Gauteng to manage your household, but where do you begin? The days of asking a friend of a friend or a family member for the number of a domestic worker is just not safe anymore. Nowadays, you just can’t invite anyone into your home to take care of your household work, especially your children.

Finding honest, diligent and reliable help has proven to be a difficult challenge faced by many singles and families these days, but that doesn’t have to be the case when you hire domestic workers through a nanny agency. Whether you live in Cape Town, Durban or Gauteng, there are numerous benefits to hiring domestic workers through a nanny agency. In fact, in today’s world, hiring domestic workers through an exclusive and reputable nanny agency is the best choice that you can make, and here’s why!

Safety and Security

In today’s world, people need to be smart about hiring domestic workers in Gauteng. As crime rates continue to soar, hiring a complete stranger to work in your home is simply reckless and unwise. Over the years, we’ve heard many horror stories about negligence or theft, all because thorough background checks weren’t carried out. Living in a high crime society means that you need to do your homework, and that’s exactly what nanny agencies do. A nanny agency has years of experience in screening applicants and carrying out meticulous background checks, and they also know exactly what to look for and how to match the right candidate to the right job or family.

Save Time and Effort Throughout the Screening Process

Finding a domestic worker can be a daunting task, not only is it exhausting, it’s also time-consuming and frustrating. But when you use a nanny agency, you save time and money. Not many working parents have the time to advertise, sift through heaps of candidates, run thorough criminal checks, talk to previous employers, hold interviews, and still get on with their own job and after-hours chores. In fact, the entire screening process can go on for months! Fortunately, you don’t have to when you work with a reputable nanny agency, because they do all the legwork for you – from drug testing, criminal background checks, exhaustive interviews, education and credential confirmations, résumé investigations and reference verifications, to personality tests.

It’s quite normal to doubt the credibility of strangers coming into your home to clean, cook and look after your children, and we don’t blame you! We all want to feel safe in our homes, and that’s why nanny agencies exist. While the above benefits should give you clarity on why you need to hire domestic workers through a nanny agency, if you currently reside in the Gauteng area, then turn to us at NannyMaids!

About NannyMaids Domestic Workers in Gauteng

Situated in Johannesburg, we take great pride in finding our clients ONLY the very best domestic workers for their home and children. Finding someone legitimate and trustworthy is quite a tough job to do on your own, but with our placement services, we give working moms and dads the freedom of peace, so they can get on with their working day without any anxiety and stress.

At NannyMaids, we understand that every household’s needs are different, and that’s why we take the time to get to know both our clients and our employees before we make placements. Thorough with our references, we will ONLY offer you outstanding candidates with an exceptional child-care track record and a clean criminal record.

Whether you’re looking for someone to clean your office, a dedicated housekeeper who can cook, clean and iron, or a caring and nurturing nanny or au pair to look after your young ones while you work – we are the right agency that can help you find domestic workers in Gauteng that are experienced, educated, trustworthy, reliable and healthy. To learn more about our domestic workers and rates, contact our agency today!


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