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Finding A Domestic Workers Agency In Gauteng

Quite honestly, why shop around, getting quotes from all and sundry, when quite simply, you can choose the best in the business when it comes to the number one domestic workers agency in Gauteng. This professional service was started in 2004, and has made great inroads into the hiring of professional maids, nannies, gardeners, au pairs and drivers. Simply put, they are the very best in a niche market.

Interestingly, South Africa is most certainly not the only country that hires maids and nannies. In the Middle East it is expected for you to have maids and nannies to pander to your every whim, and this does not only apply to the super-rich either. Almost every household hires Philippine maids and nannies to do household chores. Americans often use the services of Mexican maids.

It is becoming common for us to rely on the services of au pairs to fetch and carry our children whilst we, as women, make strides in the workforce. This makes it even more challenging to find the right person to assist with raising our children, and all-important to find the best in the business; use a domestic workers agency in Gauteng that is reputable, and that has and excellent track record.

Women Aren’t The Only Ones Needing Help

More and more men are getting custody of children in divorces these days, and they are often the ones needing domestic help. Women are paying maintenance to their estranged spouses and men are sometimes the stronger or better parent taking on the ‘female’ role in the family. This is where professional domestic workers agency in Gauteng will play an important role, too.

Luckily, the application is really simple:

  • Forms are easily filled out online.
  • Once a needs analysis is done information will be sent to you regarding availability.
  • Interviews are then arranged.
  • A four month grace period is offered.
  • Within this time-frame the maid or nanny is replaced if you are not happy with the first choice.


For professional help and outstanding service contact us to find the perfect domestic workers agency in Gauteng.



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