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Common Sense Should Prevail When Employing Domestic Workers

When your children are small you teach them how to cross roads by looking left, right and then left again, thereby teaching them to be street-smart. Employing people to work in your home to take care of your precious family and permitting someone else to take charge of your most precious possessions, whilst allowing them into your personal space is akin to teaching a child to cross a road. Both require a lot of common sense when you live in the world of today. Domestic workers and maids in Johannesburg and Gauteng in general are a lot more sophisticated these days and are also aware of the world in general around them.

With fraud and crime becoming really  quite sophisticated, one has to always be on the look-out and be attentive at all times, never letting down your guard and one must realise that these kinds of criminal acts do occur – even in your own home right under your watchful eye. This certainly does not imply that all domestic staff is on the wrong side of the law, but it does mean that there will always be an unsavoury element intent on tainting the good name of all law-abiding citizens. Simply always be vigilant and teach your family and people who work for you to become equally vigilant, too. Much crime can be avoided by being streetwise, and always check the person’s credentials properly before employing someone. One can never be too watchful or cautious.

As soon as NannyMaids has acknowledged what your specifications are; the ages of the children that will be taken care of and also the different and various time schedules that will have to be adhered to, the correct and pertinent information will be sent to you with a form to fill out and what your exact specifications are so that a needs analysis can be carried out correctly. Once the completed application has been returned to NannyMaids, an interview will be arranged at the Johannesburg, Gauteng, branch.

To ensure absolute safety at all times always employ maids, nannies and chars through a reputable employment agency and always ensure that there are references that can be traced; also ensure that you keep copies of ID documentation and  passports. The old-fashioned method of employing people off the street in Gauteng, Limpopo or any other province, is not an option in today’s world. Always ensure that the candidate has gone through the complete selection process at the agency.

A face-to-face interview is non-negotiable from a safety point of view. Screening all applicants is part of the service that NannyMaids offers, and guarantees are offered once the screening process has been completed. When hiring domestic workers or maids in Johannesburg and anywhere else in Gauteng it is imperative that you keep your family’s best interest at heart.

For more information on domestic workers and maids in Johannesburg, Gauteng, contact us to find out how to proceed. With our help, you can be certain that you will have a trusted helper to make your life just that much easier.


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