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Finding The Right Domestic Workers In Johannesburg

Domestic workers in Johannesburg have made a full 360 degree turn-around. Gone are the days when some poor soul would ring your bell asking for work with her meagre bundle carried on top of her head and a baby strapped to her back. Thank goodness times have changed and the nanny of today is a smart and sophisticated domestic helper who is knowledgeable on a host of things.

Domestic workers in Johannesburg have rights, medical aid, old age pension plans and pay towards unemployment benefits every month as well as belonging to unions, which will protect your worker should something unforeseen happen. After all, she is the ‘other mother’ that is going to step in to fill those big shoes when you are haring around closing major deals in the work-place.

Domestic workers in Johannesburg are fortunate to have the opportunity to train not only to cook, but can take courses in first aid, child management as well as learning about safety procedures in and around the home. There are also many security companies that offer free classes and talks on general safety so as to prevent potential dangerous situations.

These ten points will illustrate that you have a gem:

  • Your child’s face can light up a room when your nanny enters the room.
  • Your nanny is keen to get involved in general activities with your child.
  • Your nanny is always on time.
  • Your child always quotes what your nanny said. (Remember, mothers, soon it will be teacher who says this and teacher says that. This is when you should be pleased and not jealous!)
  • Your nanny is strict about following a routine, which instils a sense of security in your child
  • Your nanny is keen to teach your child new songs and words.
  • Your nanny is flexible enough should something unexpected occur
  • Your nanny sets both limits and boundaries
  • Your nanny is genuinely fond of your child; remember children are intuitive.

Domestic workers in Johannesburg are there to assist and make life a lot easier. Contact NannyMaids today to find your diamond.



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