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How to Find Suitable Nannies in Johannesburg

Finding a suitable nanny for your children can be an odorous task. It is always difficult to entrust the safety and wellbeing of you children to a stranger, and if you live in Johannesburg, you need to have a fool proof way of choosing suitable nannies in Johannesburg that will care properly for your children.  Whether you just need part time help to fill in for a nanny on leave or a full time caregiver, the selection process remains one of the most important processes you will have to do in order to achieve peace of mind. 

The whole process must be formalised and steps must be completed to ensure that you get the most suitable person for the job.  It is always advised that you go through an agency that will make the process quite a lot simpler.  Instead of having to advertise in a newspaper and interviewing a whole lot of unsuitable strangers, you can discuss your requirements with the agency and they will provide you with suitable candidates who they have already vetted and interviewed.  Often they have long-term staff on their books and lots of experience with that particular person, and are well versed with the different skills sets of their candidates. 

It is also recommended that you go through an agency which is local to you – for instance, if you live in Gauteng, you may want to choose one of the agencies that specialise in nannies in Johannesburg and surrounding areas.  Local agencies are well versed with the geography of the area and can recommend candidates within close travelling distance.  They tend to also have long term links with stakeholders in the local area and you will be able to get references which are sourced locally.

Agencies will usually also provide a backup service for absentees and other helpful resources for the parents.  However do take care to consider the agency fee for the nanny when working out how much the nanny is to be paid!

In order to find the most suitable nanny, you have to do the following:

  • If you have a partner, you must first discuss your need for the nanny with your partner and agree on a profile and duties for that person.  The following must be considered in order to identify your priorities:
    • The age of the children
    • How many children there are
    • Educational levels or special needs of children
    • Dietary requirements – will the nanny be required to cook and feed the kids or the family?
    • Driving licence – if the nanny is required to drive they must have a valid licence and have access to a vehicle
    • Days and hours of work
    • Education levels and experience required of nanny
  • Your budget – how much can you spend on a nanny?  Remember to negotiate a good fee with your agency in order to make your budget go further. 
  • Be realistic – you are not going to get an experienced school teacher for your four year old if you pay peanuts.  The more experience the nanny has, the more she will cost.  Also remember that nannies who can deal with special needs children will cost a lot more than normal nannies.


Once you have determined all your priorities, it is time to draw up two documents (and your agency should be to help here): the job specification and the personal profile.  The job specification will give an outline of what is required to perform this job, for instance the qualifications, experience required and the duties that will need to be performed.  The personal profile will describe the type of person you need:  characteristics, age, experience, temperament, and references. 

Once you have given these documents to your agency, they will get to work to find you suitable nannies in Johannesburg, and will then screen and interview candidates and give you a shortlist.  You will have a choice to interview candidates by phone first and then only doing personal interviews with a few selected candidates, but it is recommended that you make time to see at least five nannies on the shortlist.

If you need to find your ideal nanny in the Gauteng area, you may want to ask us for one of our wonderful nannies in Johannesburg.  We provide nannies with solid experience and perform thorough background checks to ensure that we keep only the best staff on our books.  Contact us for your dream nanny today!


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