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Do it All with a Professional Cleaning Service in Johannesburg

These days it can be difficult to do it all. Life has become so hectic and busy and with all the responsibilities on your plate, keeping your household running like a well-oiled machine can just be too demanding – unless you wash the dishes and do laundry at 2am in the morning. The days are just not long enough to do everything you need to and when you don’t have time to do the cleaning on your own, our professional cleaning services in Johannesburg becomes of value to you and your family.

There are so many reasons why it makes sense to invest in a cleaning service. With so little quality free time in our lives, why spend the bit of free time you have behind the sink or mopping the floors? A professional cleaning service is perfectly for suited for large family households or a household with multiple children. It is a great help for anyone who has to juggle the demands of a career with raising a family. No one expects you to do it all and enjoying a bit of help with the household chores can drastically improve anyone’s quality of life.

Hire the Professionals

When searching for a cleaning service in Johannesburg, it’s so important to only opt for a professional and verifiable company. People opt for a professional agency because they don’t want to hire someone that hasn’t been vetted. Many times homeowners don’t have the time or means to vet their domestic worker and rather puts their trust in the agency to have thoroughly completed the vetting process.

Making use of a professional cleaner is always recommended since they are both experienced and can provide verifiable references. This will help to make you feel far better already about allowing someone into your home and leaving them to work while your family goes about their daily lives.

There are also the families with smaller households who don’t require a full-time domestic cleaner. This is another benefit of hiring a professional cleaning service in Johannesburg, since you can work with the agency to come up with a bespoke solution for your domestic cleaning requirements. You can choose the days or hours that you require assistance and a cleaner will be arranged to fit around your schedule.

Additionally, if your domestic cleaner is unable to work a specific day, a professional and reliable cleaner will substitute for her. If you were to have hired your own domestic cleaner the onus would be on you to replace her for the sick days or the days which she is unavailable for work. Now this responsibility won’t be on you and you can still rest assured that the agency will only refer a professional and seasoned cleaner in your domestic’s stead.

Save Money with Cleaning Services in Johannesburg

One of the most popular benefits of professional cleaning agencies in Johannesburg is that the agency will also supply all of its own cleaning materials. This not only saves you money in the process by knowing that you are paying for an all-inclusive service, but will also save you time and hassle from having to buy the cleaning products on your own. You can also rest assured knowing that the cleaners have been trained in using all of the materials and equipment.

If you were to hire your own full time domestic cleaner, you would have to pay for her services even on the days that you don’t need it. When you make use of a cleaning service in Johannesburg you can tailor the service to fit around the schedule of your family.

At NannyMaids, we cater for the modern family. We are committed to providing a service to our clients that will add tangible value to their lives. Our services include:

  • Au pairs;
  • Nannies;
  • Housekeepers;
  • Handymen services;
  • Spring cleaning; and
  • Domestic cleaners, to name a few.


There really isn’t any hassle involved with getting NannyMaids to help you find a great domestic worker. All you need to do is complete our online form and we will get back to you within 24 hours regarding your requirements. Contact one of Johannesburg’s leading cleaning services to learn more about our affordable cleaning services.


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