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Finding reliable maids for hire in Johannesburg can be very daunting.  Not only do you have to trust a complete stranger to clean your home and your treasured possessions, but quite often this has to take place in your absence!  Most people work full-time, and are quite often not home when the maid is in the home tending to her duties.  Often this leads to work not being performed adequately, theft of valuable items, and even, in some extreme cases, the theft of the entire contents of the home with the help of the maid’s key!  No wonder people are hesitant to employ a maid without getting strong recommendations from friends and family.

If you have been living in or around Johannesburg for a long time, or you know a lot of people in the area, then it may be easier for you to find somebody trustworthy and effective.  However, if you have just moved to the area and you need a domestic helper, you will probably not have the luxury of personal recommendations and ties to various trustworthy sources of information.  In this case you must enlist the help of a professional agency that specialise in providing maids for hire in Johannesburg. 

The Gauteng region is notorious for high crime rates, and theft by new domestic helpers and even other criminal elements gaining access to homes with the help of this relative stranger are not uncommon.  Your family is often in the home and the new helper is tasked with the job of keeping your possessions clean and safe.  This means that you have to have a guarantee that the person you employ to clean your home is reliable and trustworthy.  In addition to this, not all of us have time to train somebody or to supervise to ensure that duties are carried out properly.  This leaves us open to the disappointment of cleaning not being done properly or theft, and in the end, if we do not know the person very well, we have very little recourse.  We are also often left high and dry when our domestic helper has to take leave or is off ill, or in some cases just do not show up for work.  Then there is also matters of UIF and employee tax – the last thing you need after a busy day at work!

In order to do away with all these problems:  training, supervision, sourcing effective and reliable staff, knowing enough about the staff member and absences, it is recommended that a good agency is used.  The advantages of using an agency such as NannyMaids to find good maids for hire in Johannesburg are manifold!

  1. They have a lot of staff on their books that come with recommendations and personal references from previous employers.  All references are checked by the agency to ensure authenticity, and through background checks are performed.  Copies of necessary documentation are kept on file and a lot is generally known about the employee before posting them out to a client. 
  1. All the required administration such UIF, tax, leave and sick leave are all handled by the agency and there is no need for the client to get involved.  Often all that is required is that a timesheet is signed by the client, and the agency will do the rest.
  1. Extra staff can be provided to cover absences such as sick leave, holidays and other absences, and you will not be left without any domestic help during difficult times such as Christmas and other holidays.  During busy periods such as family visits or seasonal holidays, the agency will also be able to provide extra staff for short periods.
  1. All agency staff are already trained and experienced, and there will be no need to spend days demonstrating to somebody how to properly clean your house.  They will also usually know how to operate basic household cleaning equipment such as vacuum cleaners and washing machines.
  1. You do not need to employ a maid on a full time basis and can get someone in for arranged times only.  This is quite difficult in the private sector as most maids tend to look for permanent or very regular work. 


If you need to find reliable and honest maids for hire in Johannesburg, call us today.  We can provide you with the perfect staff solution!


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