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Tips for Finding the Best Nannies in Johannesburg

The most important decision for any working parent is finding the best nannies in Johannesburg to take care of their children and home. No matter if you are considering a part-time, full-time or live in nanny, choosing a reliable and attentive nanny for your children can be a challenging overwhelming endeavour. However, it is well worth the effort to ensure the well-being of your children and home.

After months spent taking care of your children’s every need, and now you have to return to work and leave all the educating, playing and feeding responsibilities to a stranger, this can be traumatic for both the mother and children. A good place to start when looking for a nanny is identifying your priorities by making a list of what qualities you want in an ideal nanny.

Searching for Nannies in Johannesburg

There are so many factors to consider, so you need to take your time and set your priorities right before starting your search. You need to consider if you want a nanny that is older and has a lot of experience with children, or maybe a younger nanny that is energetic and can keep up with your children’s level of energy. Other factor to be considered include looking for someone that is bilingual, and that lives close by which ensures they won’t be late for duty, and determine how much you are able to pay.

Once you have established all these important factors, you can start conducting your search. One of the best and most popular options is contacting a reliable well known nanny agency that will have already pre-screened the candidates. You can forward all your requirements to the agency and they in turn will conduct a proper search and find a nanny that fits your description and needs. Agencies will arrange interviews and will keep searching you find a nanny that fits in with your family and children.

Interviewing Potential Nannies

There are several questions you need to write down before your meet a nanny sent to you by an agency to make sure all your priorities are properly addressed. For you need to pay particular attention to certain things when a potential nanny comes into your home. For example did the person arrive on time, do they seem warm and friendly, do they have respect for your pets, furniture and home and most importantly before picking up your child did they wash their hands.

There are certain questions you should address when you sit down and discuss the position. Firstly find out if the nanny can handle a sick child properly and are they comfortable soothing a baby if it cries. You need to find out how the nanny will establish your child’s trust if they do not respond to her immediately. Also find out how the nanny will discipline the children, feed them and get them to take their nap.

What to Establish Before Making a Final Decision

You need to make sure that the nanny has a certified first aid certificate and is able to perform CPR on an infant or child that is choking. Make sure the applicant is in good health and that they are none smokers. Once you have narrowed your list of applicants, you should then check their references, as past employers will give you a full run down of the nannies capabilities, strengths and weaknesses. You will also be able to establish why the person is no longer employing the nanny.

When conducting an interview you also need to take note of how you feel about the person, do they impress you, do you feel safe and comfortable in their presence, and does the person come across as attentive and caring. All this information is extremely important and will help you make sure that your child gets the best care while you are at work.

Making use of nanny agencies in Johannesburg is far more secure than employing a nanny off the street. An agency, like NannyMaids, will help you meet your potential needs and will assess the person to fit your job description. Well trained qualified nannies in Johannesburg prove beneficial for child care as well as additional benefits for the family.


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