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Nanny Agencies in Johannesburg Provide Reliable Nannies

In order to hire a nanny one first needs to find out if the nanny is eligible to work in Johannesburg. Nowadays, one also needs to pay in certain funds and taxes when employing a nanny. You will have far less complications down the line, if right from the start you do the right things. However, one can avoid many complicated processes if you make use of nanny agencies in Johannesburg.

There is a huge variation in the nanny industry with regards to payment, education, experience and training. Although there are many childcare options of which the fess can be relatively high, and paying a nanny by the hour or full time could work out a much cheaper option. One also has the option to hire a live in or live out or stay over nanny all depending on your needs. When contacting an agency it is important to specify the hours and conditions so that a nanny can be chosen that will be able to accommodate your needs.

Using Nanny Agencies in Johannesburg

The role of a nanny is to care for your children in your home while you are working or travelling. A properly trained nanny will provide meals and activities for your children and will also carry out child care related chores if necessary, meaning the child will benefit from sufficient stimulation and attention, and will also form a trusting bond with the nanny. Young children in particular find it difficult to adjust when the mother has to return to work.

Hiring a nanny from nanny agencies in Johannesburg, will allow your child to stay in familiar surroundings including their regular routines and their own toys. Nannies coming from an agency have undergone proper training in childcare and are trained to create a stimulating and safe environment for a child to enjoy and thrive. A qualified nanny will provide reassurance and also show that they are fully committed to their profession.

A Nanny for When You Are Not There

Parents that have high profile positions often need to work late hours, and employing a nanny means your child is in safe hands and their food requirements and other will all be taken care of. Using nanny agencies in Johannesburg also insure you need not worry if the nanny takes ill, as the agency will provide you with a casual nanny. You won’t have to worry about checking all the credentials or references, as these agencies already have these aspects covered.

One of the most important concerns for any parent is making sure their child is happy, well cared for and safe. There are various ways in which one can employ a nanny such as a daily nanny, part time nanny or a live in nanny. Reputable nanny agencies in Johannesburg screen all their applicants and some also provide full training not only in childcare but also basic first aid, cooking skills and other general household chores.

Important Steps to Think About When Selecting a Nanny

Firstly before approaching an agency you should draft a job description and employment contract. You also need to stipulate the working conditions offered and what duties are required. For example is the nanny only required to take care of your child or do they need to do household chores, cooking, washing and ironing?

Other factors to consider when hiring a nanny from an agency include such things as no smoking or drinking, what you intend paying the nanny, does your job require travelling where you may have to be away from home overnight, would you prefer a nanny that speaks another language besides your mother tongue and so on.  When selecting a suitable nanny, conduct a thorough interview, and also allow your child to meet the potential nanny and observe how the nanny reacts to your child.

Time to Hire a Qualified Nanny

These days it is not safe to hire a nanny off the street, especially when you consider the high rate of crime. Hiring a nanny through an agency, like NannyMaids, will ensure you find a person that is not only properly trained but has also been properly checked for any criminal records or other. If you are searching for a reliable nanny, contact an agency today in Johannesburg which will provide you with peace of mind.

Contact NannyMaids today and allow us to find you the perfect nanny for your family!


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