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The Benefits of Hiring an Au Pair through our Agency in Johannesburg

The primary benefits of employing au pairs from an agency, as opposed to other types of child care, are that it provides flexibility, peace of mind and the convenience of knowing that your children are being taken care of by a trusted person in their own home. As opposed to an out-of-home child care environment, au pairs will provide your children with personal attention and care. You can hire them from a few hours a week to a full day or on a permanent basis depending on your needs. There are many au pair agencies to choose from, including our own in Johannesburg, so you should definitely consider the benefits that they can offer you.

There are many benefits that au pairs offer such as taking the children to and from school and their other activities, supervising and assisting the kids with their homework which will improve their grades, and they also provide companionship and care for the children while you are at work. They therefore provide you with a trusted babysitting option.

The Benefits of a Nanny versus Au Pairs

They can help prepare meals, engage the children in stimulating activities such as games and they can also help with chores such as grocery shopping. As opposed to a nanny an au pair can provide you with more productive activities. The choice of a nanny may not be the solution for everyone as there is a difference between a nanny and au pairs.

Nannies usually work as live in or live out in a family home and perform simple housekeeping duties such as cleaning, laundry and dishes and take care of the children when they come back from school etc. Au pairs, in most instances, travel backward and forwards to their hiring family and transport the children to school and back as well as make sure they do their homework and take them to their various daily activities or doctor etc.

Hiring From an Agency

When a family’s work includes extensive travelling, they employ a candidate that can travel with and take care of the children. When it comes to the expense, au pairs cost far more than a nanny, especially if they live out as the family needs to pay for their travelling expenses to and from work. Au pairs usually only stay for a year or two as most are students or travellers, whereas a nanny can be employed full time with no additional fees for many years with a family.

Any family that hires au pairs must prioritise reference and background checks and should make sure that they come with high recommendations and credentials. Bear in mind, that candidates that come from abroad, their background checks are only as good as the record system of their country of origin. However, an agency will perform background checks on all their candidates, for any civil issues, criminal activities and sex offences before they place the candidate with a family.

Things You Must Consider Beforehand

A family that is considering hiring a candidate will have access to all the information obtained on the candidate. One has to also take into consideration the cultural and communication differences if hiring an au pair from abroad as this can create a barrier.  On the other hand, it is a great advantage if the person speaks a foreign language, as she can teach your children, and the children will get exposure to another culture.

When employing au pairs, you need to discuss issues such as the danger of strangers as well as leaving the children alone either at home or elsewhere etc. You also need to establish their motivation as to why they are applying for the job, and establish if they have a passion for caring for children. One should also make sure that the candidate makes a commitment by signing a contract, which will ensure that they will stay for the duration stipulated. 

Determine and Express Your Exact Needs

Your needs must be expressed clearly to the au pair agency when employing a candidate for your children. By asking the agency the right questions, you will also minimise any risks and it will put your mind at rest. The right au pair will provide you with the right assistance and will put your mind at ease while at work. Your child will be looked after, cared for and given all the attention, which is more than you will obtain at a child care centre. Contact NannyMaids today to find out more about the benefits of hiring an au pair through an agency. We are based in Johannesburg and look forward to hearing from you!


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