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Why Families Choose Agencies for Domestic Workers in Johannesburg

A reputable agency for domestic workers, in Johannesburg or elsewhere in South Africa, has already built up a good reputation and is committed to delivering candidates that are of quality and reliable. It is simple and easy to register with an agency as they will take time to explain the simple step by step procedure. An agent will offer you their personal service and work as a team to ensure that you get the service you require, and will find the right candidate which will guarantee you peace of mind.

Candidates from an agency have undergone a selection procedure and thorough screening. All the references are checked and verified, and the candidates are screened for criminal records as well as ID verification. No matter if you are looking for a temporary, long term, live in or out domestic worker, an agency will be committed to finding a suitable staffing solution that meets your specified requirements.

Employing Experienced Domestic Workers

The majority of working families rely on domestic workers and for many, this person holds the family together as they ensure the house is clean, the washing and ironing is done, when you get home a meal is ready and some even babysit. If you are searching for a reliable nanny that you can trust and rely on to run your home, an agency can assist you. A domestic worker that comes from an agency is experienced and properly trained and will run your home according to your stipulations.

Once you have registered with an agency, they will send you potential employees that you can meet and carry out your own interview with, as well as discuss their salary. The agency will provide you with remuneration guidelines, although the amount settled on will be agreed between you and your new employee.  The agency will draft an employment contract or agreement that will protect both the employer and the employee.

Once You Have Hired a Domestic Worker

Once you have hired an employee, the first step is to clearly communicate the person’s day to day duties as clearly as possible. Write a list of the objects and parts of the house you want him/her to clean and on which days. Take a moment to assess how many hours it will take her to clean the house and specified objects a day.

You need to be clear about which cleaning products they must use and how they should use them, especially if they are non-toxic environmental products. Right from the start you should create a good working relationship as this will ensure that your employee will give their very best. Also draw up a schedule, which limits misunderstandings and makes it far easier for your domestic worker to meet your expectations.

Hiring Yourself versus Hiring from an Agency

When you hire a domestic off the street, you may find the interviewing process difficult and unless you are smart about people you could end up choosing the wrong person for the job. By using an agency, even though it may cost more, you are rest assured that the agency has screened the person and checked their references. If your employee falls ill or resigns, the agency will send you a quick replacement.

When you hire a domestic worker off the street, you are opening yourself and your home up for possible crime. If you have children, you need to be extra cautious and should rather hire a domestic worker from an agency which has been properly trained and has done a first aid course. With the crime rate being exceptionally high in South Africa, one should not take any chances, rather be safe than sorry and conduct your search through an agency.

The Best Domestic Workers

Agents pride themselves in being able to provide employees that have working experience and experience with children, and will be able to fill in for you when you are at work. An agency will ensure that all your needs are met with professionalism and efficiency. All potential employees have been thoroughly interviewed and screened to ensure one does not fall victim to dishonest and unscrupulous applicants that pose as experienced domestic workers.

Agents will provide you with quality services at affordable rates. They will ensure a trustworthy reliable domestic worker who will add value to your home and family. NannyMaids is based in Johannesburg and we are an agency that prides itself on being able to provide qualified domestic workers to South African homes. Give us a call today to learn more about our services.


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