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The Benefits of Hiring a Domestic Worker from an Agency

There are several benefits when signing up with a recruitment agency, especially when you consider how costly hiring either an au pair or domestic worker can be. Most parents today, are away from home, due to their demanding work schedules and responsibilities, and as a result, they have little or no time to meet the everyday demands of their children.

Fortunately, the care providers that come from specialised recruitment agencies are well-trained and qualified to provide basic help with children’s homework. These specialised recruitment agencies maintain a policy of placing competent domestic workers, whereby families can form a respectful relationship, which is extremely beneficial and rewarding for the children. When hiring a domestic worker, whether it is for housekeeping, cooking, cleaning or care giving, it is always important to find the right fit for your home.

Before You Begin the Hiring Process

It is vital that one finds a person that can fill both domestic and basic childcare needs, as this will save time and money. For that reason, you should familiarise yourself with what the obligations and responsibilities entail, with regards to a new domestic worker or au pair. When you are searching for a domestic to handle two separate jobs, you need to clearly specify the details, as to what you require.

Work out your budget, as you cannot expect to pay the person basic rates, if the job is more specialised. When applying for an employee, mention homework needs in the job description. With regards to the level of homework help, define whether you just need general supervision or if the child also requires instructions.

Define Specifications to Find an Appropriate Applicant

If you know that you want someone that is experienced in helping children with their homework, then you can check for that first. When interviewing applicants, it might be a good idea to get the children involved in the process, so you can monitor the interaction between the applicant and the children. In order to narrow your applicant list down, there are certain factors that you need to look for. You should also include the applicant’s interests.

Look for a well-rounded person, as this will give you more resources to draw from. You can also focus on professionalism, as this will give you a good indication if the applicant is suitable for the position or not. The applicant should have confidence, a respectful attitude and good communication skills.

Once You Have Narrowed Your List Down

You will then need to arrange another interview, where you ask more in-depth questions and allow the children to interact with the applicant a little more. At the same time, you can also ask the applicant what they like most about working with children, and how they would motivate your children. The answers will help you to make a decision about which candidate is the most suitable for the position.

The questions you want to ask will depend on the specific needs and duties involved, even though the most important thing to go by is your own personal feelings and instincts. Bear in mind that the person you hire will play a major role and will be spending a lot of time with you and your family. No matter how fantastic an applicant’s reference is, do not hire them if you and your children do not feel comfortable with them.

Find Out As Much As Possible About the Person

Ask how long they have been working with children for and ask to see their original ID document as well. Any original reference letters should have contact details on, and the reference should be contacted to ensure they are authentic. If you require the person to cook, ask them to give you some examples of the dishes they can prepare, which will give you a good indication of their cooking skills.

Explain the duties and responsibilities expected in detail, explain what their working hours will be and also discuss additional hours. The applicant should be able to handle an emergency properly, as well as be able to read and write, and understand instructions. Clearly outline your expectations concerning the care of your children and ask them if they have children themselves.

Hiring a domestic worker from an agency is one of the safest means of employing a potential applicant as they will perform all of these relevant tasks.


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