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What You Should Know about Choosing Nannies in Johannesburg

Once your maternity leave ends, it is difficult to go back to work and leave your child, but you do have the option of choosing trained nannies in Johannesburg that will take good care of your child. As you know, almost all mothers have a nanny horror story, even under the best of circumstances. One also needs to heed caution when choosing a nanny agency, as all agencies are not equal and you may end up with your own horror story.

The most important aspect when interviewing is to get a positive feel for whether the nanny is right or not. You should instinctively like the person and your child also needs to feel comfortable with the person. Also make sure that they are clear on your rules and regulations, and are able to receive instructions and communicate in your home language clearly.

The Dos and Don’ts of Choosing Nannies

When you know that you are going back to work, do not leave choosing a nanny till the last minute, as this can result in excess stress and anxiety. If you have employed a nanny and your child has numerous accidents while you are at work, then you need to change your nanny immediately. Always check the references, of which there should be at least three, and make sure that the references include the person’s name, address and contact details, as well as the reason why the nanny was discharged.

Be selective when choosing an agency, as many will charge you a fee regardless of whether they were able to find you a suitable nanny or not. You must ensure that your chosen employee has a first-aid certificate and if you require them to drive, they should have a clean driving record. The nanny should be well-trained when it comes to looking after children and should have a high standard of hygiene, and know how to prepare the child’s bottles and foods.

Questions to Ask the Nanny During an Interview

The very first question is asking them why they want to be a nanny and what their childcare experience is. Find out what their views are on diets, sweets, TV, playtime and discipline, and at the same, time give them some examples and ask them what they would do if, for instance, the child throws a tantrum, exhibits difficult behaviour or does not want to eat. Find out if routine is important and what they would do to stimulate your child.

You could ask the nanny how they would keep your child entertained throughout the day and do they have a set routine. If you have a swimming pool, you will want to ask if they know how to handle a drowning incident, or whether or not they have a first-aid qualification. You may also want to establish if she is allergic to animals and if she is comfortable around them, if you have dogs and/or cats.

Finding Nannies in Johannesburg

Finding the right nanny for your child can be a time consuming and stressful process, as the nanny needs to understand how your family unit runs and what needs to be done to help your family achieve that. In order to find a well-suited nanny, one should hire a nanny before the birth of the baby, so that you can get acquainted with her and make sure that she is capable of taking care of your child. You could also send her on an additional childcare course, in order to ensure that she is fully qualified to take care of your child.

The signs of a good nanny include her coming up with creative solutions and working hand-in-hand with you, in order to provide the best possible care for your children. When your child looks forward to spending time with the nanny and cannot stop talking about all the fantastic things she does for him/her, it will show that the nanny takes her work seriously and that she has initiative.

You may also require someone to cook for the child, or someone that will turn to you for advice, should they experience any problems. It is possible to find someone that is perfectly qualified for your needs, and for that reason, you will find that more moms are employing nannies in Johannesburg from reputable agencies, so that their children can be cared for in the comfort and security of their own home.


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