Domestic Workers in Johannesburg

How Domestic Workers in Johannesburg can Help Augment Your Lifestyle

Whether you own or rent your residence, you need to keep it clean. Many people simply do not have the time and energy to take care of all their domestic duties after working a full day and then taking care of their families at night. Aside from the laundry duties that can pile up, cleaning and maintenance of the home can slip by and quickly become unmanageable. It is because of this that many people opt to hire domestic workers in Johannesburg.

There are so many ways how these domestic workers can help increase your quality of life. By employing these domestic professionals, you can go about your daily routine and duties with the sound knowledge that your household requirements are being seen to. For many years keeping the house clean has been considered a woman’s job, but this old way of thinking is thankfully fading away as more and more women enter the workforce full time.

If you find it hard keeping your household running efficiently, then consider hiring an experienced and professional domestic worker in Johannesburg. These professionals are seasoned in providing their employers with the relief that comes with knowing that all the domestic duties are seen to. Tasks that these professionals can assist with range from preparing light meals to taking care of the laundry, dusting and cleaning of the property and even doing the grocery shopping for the home.

Why People Need Domestic Workers in Johannesburg

There are many reasons why homeowners require the services of domestic workers in Johannesburg. This could include that a new baby has been introduced into the household and the mother needs the extra help, or the family requires the services of the domestic professional because of occupational responsibilities or simply because the household can afford the additional help.

When looking for a domestic worker in Johannesburg, it is important that you know whom you are letting into your home and entrusting your property and family to. One of the best ways to ensure that you hire the best professional for your household and family is to go through a domestic worker agency. At NannyMaids you can rest assure that we only recommend the very best professional domestic workers in Johannesburg for all our valued clients.

We cater for the modern South African family and provide you with the help and assistance you need to juggle parenthood and career. Our clients are concerned about the upbringing of their children and selecting a caregiver and domestic worker that shares your values and morals is an important point for many of our valued clients.

Each of our employees undergo a stringent selection and screening process which already provides our clients with greater peace of mind trusting NannyMaids to refer the best domestic workers in Johannesburg to them. Secondly, we ensure that each of our candidates possess the correct qualifications in respect of their various fields of expertise. This goes a long way towards ensuring our clients feel at ease leaving their domestic workers and caregivers at home during the day while they go about living their life with ease, knowing that their households are in the best hands.

We are proud of our long history of service and our client satisfaction rate, and continue to endeavour towards raising the standards of the domestic worker agency sector in South Africa. Aside from referring professional domestic workers in Johannesburg to our valued clients, NannyMaids also offer many other value adding services which include:

  • Chars;
  • Nannies;
  • Au pairs;
  • Gardeners;
  • Housekeepers;
  • Personal drivers;
  • Handyman services;
  • Domestic personal assistants; and
  • Ironing, carpets and spring-cleaning services, to name a few.


We are proud of our home-based healthcare worker service. Our dedicated and loving healthcare workers include nurses, caregivers, frail care workers and night nurses. These professionals can assist with lovingly looking after your elderly parents or sickly relatives and help you to mitigate these responsibilities.

If you would like to find out how NannyMaids can assist you with finding a qualified and professional domestic worker in Johannesburg, then contact us right now. Our team of sales professionals will work with you to offer you a leading solution for all your domestic assistance requirements.

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