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Should You Entrust the Care of Your Children to Au Pairs in Johannesburg?

Today’s modern South African families need to do it all. Two working parents in the household means that no stay-at-home parent is there to run the house full-time. Parents need help to do it all – earn an income, attend school plays, find quality time to be with the family and still find time for household duties. To achieve this more and more, South African households are turning to the help of experienced au pairs in Johannesburg.

There are many ways in which an au pair can enrich your family and add to your quality of life. Some of the primary advantages of an au pair, over other forms of childcare, are convenience, incredible flexibility and fantastic peace of mind, knowing that your children are being cared for by a trusted person in a safe environment. What’s more, au pairs are also able to offer your child more personal attention and care than they would be able to receive in an out-of-home environment.

Au pairs in Johannesburg can offer assistance to your family, from as little as a few hours each week, to a full-time capacity or a few hours daily. It will all depend on your family’s unique requirements, and what your needs and expectations are from the au pair. This childcare professional is there to offer your family convenience and a reliable, trustworthy alternative to your children’s care.

What are the Roles and Duties of an Au Pair in Johannesburg?

The roles that an au pair can take on in your family include:

  • Helping your children in improving their marks, by providing assistance with schoolwork, while also overseeing homework;
  • Solving family transport issues by seeing your children safely to school and any other after-school appointments, such as dentist visits or sports practice;
  • Providing companionship and care for your children;
  • Providing you with a safe, trusted and reliable occasional babysitting option.
  • Assisting the family with other services that require transport, such as collecting mail and grocery shopping; and
  • Helping your family with light meal preparations, etc.

These are only a few of the duties that an au pair can take on in your home. Your au pair’s primary responsibility remains the care of your children. Your children will have a dedicated carer to help them with schoolwork, taking them to doctor’s appointments, making sure that they are on time for sports events and other activities.

Why Trust NannyMaids with Your Au Pair Needs?

Nanny-Maids caters for South Africa’s modern mom. Millions of South African women are juggling parenthood with business, career and many other interests. This is not only true for women, however, as men are taking a more active and keen interest in their children’s upbringing. At NannyMaids we have worked hard to tailor our service offering to the needs of our consumers – the modern day South African family. All of our services are developed to offer you relief and help with juggling it all. Now, you have the reliable assistance of a reputable agency who can provide you with the best quality au pairs in Johannesburg.

Aside from offering au pair placement, NannyMaids also offers an array of other services developed to provide you with the assistance that you need to manage your household. Some of these services include:

  • Housekeepers;
  • Nannies;
  • Personal drivers;
  • Handyman services;
  • Gardeners; and
  • Home-based healthcare workers, to name a few.


We are exceptionally proud of our great customer satisfaction history and continue to work hard to further exceed all of the expectations that are placed on us. Our team works with you to determine and address your precise needs, in an affordable and achievable manner. Throughout our many years of great service history in South Africa, we have learned a lot about the needs of our clients. It is because of this that we have been able to develop a service offering that addresses all of these needs and requirements.

When you are looking for a reliable au pair in Johannesburg to take care of your children, your first choice should be NannyMaids. Contact us to learn more about our services and to find out about how our au pairs can add value to your family’s everyday life.

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