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Are There Any Real Advantages to Hiring Nannies in Johannesburg?

Parents who have great nannies simply swear by them. Many enjoy not having to deal with the politics of making use of a relative or daily drop offs and pickups at a care centre. But are these the only benefits you can look forward to with the help of a professional nanny? Certainly not!

When living in Johannesburg and hiring a nanny, your child stays in familiar surroundings and can nap and eat on his/her own schedule. Additionally, your child is also exposed to fewer germs, which, in turn, may lead to him/her getting sick less often. Many parents also report feeling comforted knowing that their children don’t have to vie for attention like they would to in a day care setting, but instead enjoying the dedicated attention of a professionally trained nanny.

Enjoy Flexibility in Your Schedule with Nannies in Johannesburg

Scheduling can also become far more flexible with the help of a professional nanny, as opposed to a day care centre; there might be more wiggle room if last minute changes need to occur. For example, should a last minute meeting occur at work, you could have better luck negotiating with your nanny than you would be able to with a day care centre, which closes at the same time every day.

At NannyMaids, we cater for Johannesburg’s modern parents who simply have to do it all. Our services are geared towards providing you with all the help you will need to make sure that you are able to meet all your responsibilities and obligations. More and more parents are juggling parenthood with a full time career and other interests. While mothers used to be the main caregiver of the children, fathers now too seem to be taking a more keen interest in the upbringing of their children.

We know that the modern Johannesburg parents are concerned with safety and efficiency. When you take on NannyMaids in your household though, you will have less to worry about with regards to both these aspects. As part of our hiring and employment process, we perform a vigorous screening and selection process.

Pursuant to this, we also ensure that each of our candidates truly do possess the qualifications they claim to have with regards to the respective fields they are qualified and experienced in. This provides parents with greater peace of mind, knowing that they are leaving their children with professionals who have the constant care of your little ones as their number one priority.

What Other Services Do NannyMaids Offer?

Aside from offering fully qualified and trained nannies in Johannesburg, we also offer many other great services that can add value to your household. Some of these services include:

  • Au pairs
  • Personal drivers
  • Spring cleaning services
  • Housekeepers
  • Gardeners
  • Handyman services


These are only a few of the many great services that you can expect from NannyMaids. We are passionate about providing our clients with the professional services that they require from us to help keep their households running smoothly. Our team of professionals is available to advise you on all the services we offer and help you to make a wise and informed decision, especially when it comes to choosing a caretaker for your children.

Home-based Health Care Workers

NannyMaids also provide dedicated and caring health care workers, including nurses, night nurses, caregivers and fail care workers who can help you to take care of your loved one and provide them with the dignified care that they deserve. We realise that the responsibility of looking after an elderly parent or sickly relative can place a severe strain on your daily and family life, and that you can’t simply relegate this responsibility to just anyone.

This is why we are proud to offer this service, where our candidates are trained to work with patients in high care and assist in breathing and tracheas, mickeys and ventilators. We can also ensure that the patient gets the care they need around the clock, thus night shift staff are also available who are both experience and qualified in their respective fields. These are only a few of the many areas where we specialise in.

If you would like to find out how our nannies in Johannesburg can help you to meet the demands of your lifestyle or how our other services can augment your home and life, then contact NannyMaids today.

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