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Nanny & Maid Placement Services - When Only the Best Will Do!

While there are some moms who would love nothing more than to stay at home and look after their kids while they are still young, the reality is that the modern mom simply cannot afford to do this. In this day age, not only have women become career-minded, but in our tough economy, financial obligations demand that both parents work and leave the kids in the safe hands of an experienced nanny or maid. While nanny and maid-care was at one point considered a luxury for the wealthy – with the demand of hectic schedules and stressful lifestyles, child care is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Nowadays, nanny and maid placement services are both seen as essential services that most parents now require.

Finding a nanny or maid can be an extremely strenuous process, we’ve all heard of the many horror stories circulating the web – from abuse and neglect, to theft and more. With the scarcity of jobs in South Africa paired with the influx of foreigners from neighbouring countries entering our borders illegally, many nannies and domestic workers will say anything to get hired. And the last thing you want to do is to invite the wrong person posing as an efficient, qualified and experienced nanny or domestic worker into your home, which means the best and safest option for your child is to find a nanny or maid though professional nanny and maid placement services.

The Advantages of Using our Nanny & Maid Placement Services

No one should ever leave their precious child with a stranger, even if they have a reference. In today’s world, it is not advisable to trust anyone, no matter how desperate you are for child-care help, and that is why we exist!  At NannyMaids, we have been in the industry for many years and as a reputable a reliable agency, we provide peace of mind that comes from doing thorough investigations and background checks on all our nannies and maids.

At NannyMaids, we believe that it is not only essential to have a nanny or maid with an outstanding personality and character, but they must also have a basic education with child-care training behind their name.  There are multiple advantages of hiring a credible and reliable employee through our nanny and maid placement services – from peace of mind, child safety and affording you more time, to helping you raise a happy, confident and healthy child.

How Our Nanny Placement Services Work

Situated in Johannesburg, we take great pride in our philosophy of remaining ethical, honest, reliable and efficient. Very similar to matchmaking services, we are simply committed to finding you the very best candidate for your child and home. Because every household is different, at NannyMaids, we always take the time to get to know both our clients and our employees before we pair them up.  Recruiting nannies and maids by word-of-mouth from countries such as Botswana, China, Congo, Ghana, Hungary and India, each of our nannies and maids are required to produce two contactable references, a valid ID or Passport, a Visa if required, and a high school diploma, as well as a certificate or diploma in child care. Thereafter, we are extremely thorough with our references, and will make sure that we ONLY offer you an outstanding candidate with an exceptional child-care track record and a clean criminal record through BIOMETRIC fingerprint screening.

Finding someone legitimate and trustworthy is quite a tough job to do on your own, but with nanny and maid placement services, we give working moms and dads the freedom of peace, so they can get on with their working day without any anxiety or stress. At NannyMaids, our placement services include au pairs, chars, domestic PAs, gardeners, handymen, house keepers, ironing, nannies, personal drivers, and spring cleaning, to windows and more. As the most accredited and established nanny and maid placement agency, we will ensure that you ONLY get the very best and most qualified nanny and maid placement services in the country, because when it comes to your children – ONLY the best will do!  To learn more about our placement services, contact us today.

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