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Nannies In Johannesburg For Working Moms

In a society where dual income households are often a necessity, new mothers need to leave their little one’s all too soon after maternity leave is over. A mother in this situation basically has three options – she can leave her baby with family or friends while she works, she can opt for a crèche environment or she can find nannies in Johannesburg to provide her with child care.

While family and friends is obviously the most affordable option for a new mom, there are a number of problems that can be created in these situations and family or friends are not always available. There are numerous crèche facilities available in Johannesburg although this can be a very expensive option providing only limited services that a working mom may need. Most moms find that nannies in Johannesburg are more suitable to for all their child care needs than the other two options.

However, there is a down side to choosing nannies in Johannesburg. It can be very hard to find reliable and trustworthy nannies amongst all the likely candidates who profess to have experience or qualifications. And as every mother knows, trusting someone to take care of your child when you are not around can be very challenging and some moms even find it hard to hand over baby to people they have trusted their whole lives.

The best way to make sure that an experienced or qualified nanny is chosen is to go through professional agencies in Johannesburg that offer these services. These agencies know how difficult it is to leave children in other’s care and also how important it is to have the best care available for the children of working mums. They therefore having a number of different vetting techniques that they apply in listing specific nannies and then pairing them with appropriate households.

Remember that finding the right nannies in Johannesburg to suit your needs can take a bit of time. It is important that every prospective nanny employer start their search as soon as possible and it is recommended that this process begins during pregnancy and definitely before the maternity leave expires. It is also advisable that a prospective nanny be employed before mom goes back to work so that she has time to get to know and build trust with the nannies in Johannesburg who they have decided to entrust with their little ones.


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