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Nanny Agencies Johannesburg – Taking Care Of The Details

When you approach nanny agencies in Johannesburg there are a couple of details that you need to ensure that you take care of so that you get the best fit for your household. First draw up a detailed job description if what you would expect your nanny to take care of in your home. There are different types of nannies to take care of the different tasks that are involved in child care.

The first item on the job description should detail the amount of children and their ages. Different aged children will require different care arrangements from your nanny agencies in Johannesburg. Next list the type of care that you will expect from the nanny. For infants and toddlers ensure that the nanny will take care of feeding, nappy changes, cleaning and clothing the child or children.

Some nanny agencies will only provide nannies who will be involved in all the aspects of child care but will not have any other domestic responsibility. So if you require a nanny who will also see to cleaning of the house and doing task such as washing and ironing, make sure this forms part of the job description. It may be necessary to go into great detail as to the type of cleaning that will be expected to avoid any misunderstandings at a later date.

A nanny is not just an employee and must form part of the household and fit in well with all members of the family. Make sure that you include a probation period for the nanny to see whether they have what it takes to fit in with the family unit. The probation period should belong enough for you to get to know the nanny but should not be longer than 3 months according to legislature.

The times and days of the week that the nanny will be expected to work should also be taken into account when formulating a job description. Should you require a nanny to be available around the clock you will probably need to provide suitable accommodation and meals. Remember to find out more about the labour laws regarding maximum workable hours per week and over time from your nanny agencies in Johannesburg.

Compensation for the nanny services should also be discussed in detail before entering into an agreement. For short term or occasional nanny requirements opt for an hourly rate. Long term contracts should specify a wage or salary as well as when and how much over time the nanny will receive once they have exceeded their regular working hours.

Remember to find out whether the nanny agencies in Johannesburg will be responsible for UIF or whether you need to register the nanny and make monthly contributions to the fund. It is a legal requirement that every employee, including nannies and other household staff, be registered with the Unemployment Insurance Fund. Also, that monthly contributions from the employer and employee be received to cover the employee in the event that they lose their employment.


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