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Hiring a Domestic Worker in Johannesburg with Nannymaids
We all know just how much we rely on our domestic workers. For many of us, they are the glue that holds our households together. Domestic workers ensure that the house is clean, the laundry is done and some even double up as babysitters and in-house chefs. How involved your domestic is involved in your day to day life will greatly depend on how much time you have available and how much you are able to do yourself. If you are looking for a reliable domestic worker in Gauteng that you can rely on and trust to run your household as you would, then Nannymaids can certainly assist.
At Nannymaids we believe in providing our clients with suitable candidates who are willing to work hard and become a useful and integral part of your family. All of our domestic workers are trained, experienced and absolutely trustworthy. Of course you cannot just take on anyone and so we will ensure that potential candidates are interviewed, background checks are carried out and that you are provided with the opportunity to meet with potential candidates in order to conduct interviews of your own and discuss remuneration.
Employing an Experienced Domestic Worker in Gauteng
Of course when you are interviewing candidates to be your domestic worker in Gauteng a guideline for remuneration will be suggested and the final amount settled on must be agreed on between you and your new employee. A Nannymaids consultant will draw up the employment agreement or contract and ensure that both parties are suitably protected.

We pride ourselves on being able to provide our clients with the opportunity to hire a domestic worker in Gauteng that is able to become part of the family and take over the daily tasks and chores that you have become just too busy to handle. Many of our domestic workers have experience in working with children and will be able to fill in for you when your hands are a bit full.

When on the hunt for a domestic worker in Johannesburg all you need to do is complete our online application request form with your personal details and requirements. We will then be in touch with you to chat about the finer details and arrangement an appointment. Our consultants will be in touch with you within 24 hours to ensure that your needs can be met with efficiency and professionalism.

For those who want to have their domestic employees managed by there, there is no problem. We can pay their salaries each month, issue their pay slips and deal with all the extras such as UIF, payroll, leave and other related matters. We can assist you with all your domestic employee needs whether you are looking for a full time or part time employee. All of our maids and domestic workers are properly screened and interviewed to ensure that you do not fall victim to the disastrous effects of unscrupulous and dishonest applicants posing as experienced maids.

Take the time to discuss your needs and requirements with us when looking for a domestic worker in Johannesburg. We will ensure that you are assisted in hiring a reliable and trustworthy individual who will be nothing less than a valuable addition to your home and family.

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