Domestic Worker Agencies Gauteng

Domestic Worker Agencies Gauteng – What You Need To Know

Domestic worker agencies in Gauteng are popping up all over the place. There are many reasons why these have become a necessary part of modern living but the main reason being the age old requirement of supply and demand.

As more and more households are becoming dual income, fewer moms stay at home to take care of the household requirements, which leaves a need for a domestic worker. These working moms also have less time to spend on finding the right domestic worker to take care of all the household needs making domestic worker agencies in Gauteng all the more necessary.

Before approaching domestic worker agencies in Gauteng there are however a few things that you need to be aware of. Most importantly you need to know that not all agencies operate under the same standards of quality and reliability. The first thing to do when choosing and agency is therefore to get referrals from both the domestic staff on hire as well as households that are using their services or have used their services in the past.

You will also need to make a list of what exactly you would expect from a domestic worker. Will you only require regular household cleaning, laundry and ironing? Do you have children that will need to be cared for by the domestic worker while you are at work? Will the domestic worker need to be able to cook or take care of the necessary household shopping? Do you require a full or part time domestic worker and should they be live-in? Any other specialised requirements should also be listed here.

Find out what the probation period is for an employee from domestic worker agencies in Gauteng. People are different in many ways and do not always get along well. In a household setting it is very important to ensure that each member of the family gets along with the domestic worker and that the domestic worker feels comfortable within the family environment. The probation period is there to give both the family and the domestic worker time to fit in and adjust to one another.

Domestic worker compensation should also be addressed before you hire on an employee. According to labour law in South Africa there is a minimum wage that you can pay for a domestic worker. Be aware that the more work you expect from the domestic staff member, the more you will inevitably need to pay them for their services to you.

Over time and leave for domestic workers are also regulated by law in South Africa, but it is important that this be put in writing with the domestic worker agencies so that everyone knows where they stand. You will also need to register your domestic worker with the Unemployment Insurance Fund, obviously easier to do in the province you reside like Gauteng, and pay a partial contribution towards the fund in the event that the domestic worker may need to leave your employ for any reason whatsoever.

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