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The Modern Function of Housekeepers in Johannesburg

In days gone by housekeepers were responsible for managing all aspects of household requirements. In modern society however, housekeepers in Johannesburg are just too expensive an option for most households to afford and therefore different housekeeping agencies have been established to fulfil this need.

Housekeeping agencies replace the traditional role of a housekeeper by seeing to all the tasks a housekeeper would normally be responsible for on a part time basis. These tasks for housekeepers in Johannesburg include the hiring of household employees, compensation of household staff, dealing with queries and complaints from the staff, managing the job descriptions of different household employees, etc.

Housekeepers in Gauteng

It is very important to outline what you would expect from housekeepers in Johannesburg. Draw up a list of the tasks you need the housekeeper to take care of as well as the type of staff you will require to keep your household in good running order. These tasks and employees can include outdoor maintenance requirements such as the employment of a gardener, garden service, pool maintenance team and anything else you may require.

Housekeepers in Gauteng can also assist you with your child care requirements. They can provide you with babysitters or for a more permanent and comprehensive solution you can opt for a nanny or au pair to take care of your children. Once again it is very important to outline what you will need from the child care provider such as taking care of nutritional requirements, transporting the child or children and basic medical care for the little ones.

Over and above this, you can also find out more regarding a cook to assist you in the home. Normally this would comprise of a domestic servant who has been trained in basic cooking skills to provide meals. Some people opt to have a permanent chef or cook available so as to leave the domestic worker to take care of the cleaning duties within the home.

The housekeepers in Johannesburg that you choose will also be responsible for the full integration of the household staff. This means ensuring that each employee knows what his or her responsibilities are both outside and inside the home. This is a very important function from housekeepers in Gauteng as it can go a long way to ensure that all household staff members get along and that any future disputes about who needs to do what are avoided.

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