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Finding the perfect au pair is not always easy, as it is an important choice to make. You need someone reliable that can work with your children, and someone that can be trusted inside your home. Au pair agencies in Johannesburg can provide you with the ideal person, complete with background checks and references. 

The most important thing to look for when hiring a nanny or au pair is their ability to handle children effectively and professionally. A nanny should be able to look after your children on a daily basis, or as needed when you are not at home. These individuals are often young, but when sourced from a professional agency, are perfect to handle your children as they are always available, dedicated to your family, and sourced from a talented pool of applicants. You can always use a nanny for a trial period, to ensure that you both get along and that the nanny fits in perfectly with your home environment and children’s needs.

Working with an agency has many advantages, the most important one being the fact that you can get someone that is reliable and qualified. Au pair agencies put their applicants through a vigorous selection process to ensure that they choose only the best individuals for their customers. This includes verifiable ID documents, criminal checks and credit checks. This is essential as documentation needs to be verified to ensure that the individual is indeed who he or she says they are, and that they are suitable to work as au pairs. It is always recommended to work with an agency as they take care of all the background checks.

When you request a nanny from an au pair agency in Johannesburg, you might have specific requirements that they need to adhere to. You need to inform your agency of this in advance, so that they can source the perfect nanny for you, and one that you will be happy with. You might need a nanny that can work with very small children, or one that needs to stay over for the night. You can choose a nanny based on your own needs, or you can have the agency send over someone who they feel will be a perfect fit.

Safety in Your Home

Safety around your children is absolutely essential, especially if your children as still very young. You need to work with an au pair that has experience in working with children, and one that can identify possible safety hazards in and around your home. They will ensure that your children are being kept safe at all times, and this is every parent’s most important requirement. If, for some reason, you feel that a particular nanny is not entirely adaptable with your family and home environment, you may choose to have him or her replaced with another individual, as it is important that you feel comfortable with the person you choose to work with.

If you don’t need an au pair on a full-time basis, you can get one on the days you require them. You can work with your agency to ensure that you have a reliable nanny when you need her, and that someone is always available. Should your regular nanny fall ill, a replacement nanny will be sent in her place so that you will always have someone available when needed. This is a very convenient benefit to have, and one that wouldn’t have been available if you have chosen someone personally. In addition to this, your nanny won’t ever have transportation problems, as the au pair agency will arrange for transport to and from your home.

In addition to hiring an au pair, you might want to consider hiring a cleaning lady for your home. These two services will perfectly complement each other as you will have someone taking care of your children, while another is taking care of your home. Since we lead busy lives, these services have become very popular and many people are considering hiring professionals to help them around the house.

Nanny Maids is a professional au pair agency in Johannesburg, Gauteng. We provide nannies, cleaning staff, qualified drivers, housekeepers, gardeners and domestic PA’s.


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