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Professional Frail Care Workers

Elderly patients often need specialised care as they are not always in a position to help themselves with daily routines and activities. It is not always possible to stay in a hospital and this is when professional individuals are requested. Professional frail care workers are available to assist these elderly individuals and provide them with professional care and companionship when they need it most.

When a client requests assistance, their situation will be evaluated to ensure that they are provided with the best solution for their individual needs. Things that are taken into account include their routine, habits, physical demands, social requirements, and medical history. They will be given a professional frail care worker that can take care of them and their individual needs. The worker can also work with the family to find out what the patient specifically needs or what they enjoy doing so that a personalised service can be provided.

Frail care workers are perfect for aging individuals who are active, as they will still need assistance with their daily routines. Things that a nurse or care worker can assist with include personal hygiene, medicine management, sleeping patterns, health management, meal preparation and light household duties. These activities are often an essential part of an elderly person’s daily routine and it is essential for them to be able to maintain their life at home and ensure that everything is taken care of. There are many benefits in having a frail care worker assisting an elderly individual:

  • They provide a personalised service
  • They are available 24 hours a day
  • More affordable than hospitalisation
  • Patient can stay at home and be with family
  • Patient can be surrounded by familiar items 
  • Patients can continue with their daily routine


Although it is sometimes possible to stay in hospital or in an institution, elderly people prefer to go home and spend time on their own. They enjoy having their privacy and being surrounded with their own belongings, while receiving visits from family members and friends. It is a much more relaxing atmosphere for them and they can still maintain their daily routine, or have someone assist them with this. A hospital stay can be very expensive at times, which is also why doctors might recommend that patients stay at home if possible.

Frail care workers are available on a part-time basis, or full-time, depending on the patient’s need. Patients that are completely dependent on someone to help them, might require someone to be available 24 hours a day, in which case the frail care worker can either be live-in, or two workers can work in shifts. This will also depend on what the patient prefers, and whether a worker is available for the specific hours or days that he or she is requested. In most cases, full-time workers are usually dedicated to one patient at a time.

The main goal of frail care is to provide the patient with professional and loving care from a qualified individual. They will allow families to be together for as long as possible and to allow patients to retain their normal lifestyle for as long as possible. They work to facilitate the best possible outcomes for each patient and they aim to provide an environment that is supportive and loving, in order to help the patient achieve this.

In addition to frail care, patients may need assistance that is tailored to their unique needs, such as disabilities, terminal illnesses, and step down care. These services can be requested as needed, and a qualified individual will be assigned to assist patients with their health care. Families are often unsure about the type of assistance that their family member needs, which is why it is always advisable to speak to your physician or a professional agency to make sure that the patient gets the quality care that they deserve.

NannyMaids is a reliable supplier of au pairs, home based nurses, handymen, and nannies; we can provide professional frail care workers to elderly patients that need reliable care, and we are available to provide full-time assistance. NannyMaids has a team of dedicated and loving healthcare workers that ensure professional care to all our valued patients.


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