Frail Care Nurses

Enjoying Quality Care with Home-based Nurses

Home-based nurses are always a benefit to have as they provide professional care to the elderly, disabled, and frail. These individuals need reliable care from qualified and experienced individuals on a consistent basis in order to make their lives more comfortable and their environment safe.

Home-based nurses can provide care on a part time basis as needed, or as a full-time service for elderly or disabled people who need constant attention and support. Companies such as NannyMaids specialise in professional care for the elderly and disabled individuals and our services also include night shifts. NannyMaids provides candidates that are experienced in frail care, step-down care, oxygen support, and medicine administration and they are qualified individuals with relevant experience.

An Alternative to Hospitalisation

Home-based nurses are often a better choice than being hospitalized; patients enjoy spending time in their own home where they can be surrounded with their own belongings and spend time with family and friends. It’s much more relaxing for a patient to know that they are surrounded by things that they know, and that they are in a familiar environment that allows them to be comfortable. If they need permanent care, they can make use of home-based nurses that can provide full time assistance and even work in shifts when needed.

In addition to the comfort that a home can offer, it is also more affordable to make use of a home-based nurse as you won’t have to deal with expensive hospital bills and doctors’ consultation fees. Hospitals are also more likely to send an elderly patient home when they are stable as there is not always enough room for everyone to be attended to. Unless there is a serious medical condition present, doctors might recommend continuing treatment at home. Since the patient will still need assistance, a nurse is ideal as he or she can travel to the patient’s home and be of assistance when they are needed.

As a family member, you can be rest assured that the patient will be in good hands, and this is very important as most elderly people won’t be able to get around on their own. Although many people often consider putting a family member in an institution, home care is still preferred as these institutions can be understaffed or not providing every patient with the individual care that he or she needs. It is also not always an ideal environment for everyone, as many elderly patients prefer to be among their own family and in their own homes.

Being Independent

Many elderly individuals enjoy living their lives the way they want to, despite requiring medical care. They enjoy spending time in their homes, being surrounded by pets, family photos and other items that remind them of their own individuality. They can retain their independence and live according to their own preferences, while having professional assistance from a registered nurse. Doctors and other medical professionals will often recommend that elderly people should rather be treated at home than in an institution as it is beneficial for them and also more cost effective over time. Hospitals can recommend qualified nurses or you can work with a professional agency to find a suitable nurse to assist the patient.

Basic care duties that home-based nurses can assist with include companionship, personal hygiene, pressure care, medicine administration, and other individual requirements. These duties do not necessarily require a hospital or institution and this is also more comfortable for the patient. If you consider hiring a nurse for a family member or parent, always work with a professional agency that can provide qualified and experienced individuals with verifiable references and credentials. This will ensure that you get someone who can properly take care of elderly or disabled people and allow them to be comfortable in their own homes.

NannyMaids is a leading supplier of home-based nurses, nannies, and au pairs. We cater for the modern parent and are always ready to assist you with helpful tips and advice. Whether you need a part time nanny, a full time housekeeper, or a qualified handyman, our team members are experienced and can help you find the perfect service for your unique needs.


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