Need to Find a Trustworthy Domestic Worker?

Need to Find a Trustworthy Domestic Worker?

Do you need to find a trustworthy domestic worker? Have you ever hired a domestic worker and found the situation impossible? Nightmare situations can arise when hiring a domestic worker if you don’t take the time to make use of a professional recruitment company, or if the person you hire turns out to have less qualifications and skills than what you originally believed. Of course, it’s not all doom and gloom – sometimes you strike gold and find the ideal candidate. In most instances, this occurs when you make use of a professional recruitment team such as NannyMaids.

Hiring a domestic worker comes with its challenges and risks. In many instances, homeowners and parents are concerned about safety and efficiency first. In some cases, you might even be worried about a language barrier between you and your domestic worker. The list of potential worries goes on...

Below are a few things that most people look for in a domestic worker:

  • Cleaning skills and knowledge of cleaning techniques and best practices – a domestic worker must know how to clean the home efficiently. She should also have cleaning knowledge, so that she knows the best cleaning techniques and also knows which detergents and items of equipment to use to complete each cleaning task successfully.
  • Education and communication – while this is not always absolutely essential, many prefer for their domestic worker to be educated, so that they can read schedules and to-do lists, and similar. Your domestic worker needs to be able to understand you and communicate clearly and openly with you too.
  • Child care skills – not all domestic workers are required to actively be involved in raising the children, but most parents like to know that their domestic worker is comfortable and experienced in dealing with children in case there is an emergency situation or an extra helping hand is needed.
  • Trustworthiness – everyone wants their domestic worker to be trustworthy. After all, you are leaving your home and valuables in their care while you are away at work or similar. While references are a great way to understand your potential domestic worker’s background, they don’t tell you everything that you need to know about their character and integrity.
  • A good fit for the family – while paperwork, certificates and references are one thing, finding a domestic worker who actually fits in with you and your family can be quite another. Most households want a domestic worker who will be a part of the family. Your domestic worker will spend a great deal of time within your home, thus making it is essential that she fits in and is comfortable with each member of your family. Interviewing potential candidates in your home and seeing how they respond to your family and vice versa can be a great way to ascertain a “good fit” for your family and needs.

At NannyMaids, we have a strict screening process. Each job seeker is interviewed and we take the time to check references and carry out thorough background checks. All of our applicants are also well trained and experienced in their line of work, have a sound education and possess basic child care skills (if they don’t – we will advise you of such). We spend some time chatting to our applicants and getting to know them better. That way we will be able to match up parents and homeowners with the right domestic workers.

How do you find a trustworthy domestic worker with our help? The process is actually quite simple. All you need to do is complete our online request / application form and submit it to us. We always advise our clients to be as thorough and detailed in their applications as possible, so that we can help them to the best of our abilities. One of our friendly consultants will be in touch with you within 1 business day.

If you would like to chat more about your options and our services, we welcome you to get in touch with us via email or telephone at your earliest convenience.


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