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The Top Benefits of Using NannyMaids Nanny Services in Johannesburg


While it’s the desire of many mothers to have the luxury of being a stay-at-home mom, so that they can watch their little ones grow, the reality is that both parents need to work, especially in today’s downturned economy. As a result, many parents are forced to decide between either hiring a nanny or placing their little ones in day care, and while the benefits of having a nanny in your home far outnumber the benefits of putting them in day care – finding the right nanny services in Johannesburg for your children can be quiet a stressful task. How do you decide if working with a nanny services agency in Johannesburg is right for you?  Fortunately, you have NannyMaids!

At NannyMaids, we make juggling a career and parenting so much easier, in fact, parents who use our nanny services in Johannesburg swear by them. But don’t take our word for it – if you’re on the fence about whether you should use our nanny services agency or send your little ones to a day care, then below we’ve outlined some of the many benefits of NannyMaids nanny services in Johannesburg, so you can be the judge.

Industry Knowledge and Professionalism

Situated in Johannesburg, we take great pride in our philosophy of remaining ethical, honest, reliable and efficient. At NannyMaids, we have been in the domestic worker, nanny and au pair industry for many years, and when you hire our nanny services in Johannesburg, you can expect to hire professionals that have been both cleaning homes and caring for children for many years. Very similar to matchmaking services, we are simply committed to finding you the very best nanny in Johannesburg for your child, and because every child and family is unique, we take the time to get to know our clients, and will match your unique family and children with the right nanny that has the right personality.

Extensive Criminal and Reference Checks

No one should ever leave their precious child with a stranger, even if they have a reference. In today’s world, it’s not advisable to trust anyone, regardless of how desperate you are for child-care help, and that is why we exist!  As a reputable nanny services agency in Johannesburg, we take great pride in providing the peace of mind that comes from doing meticulous investigations and background checks on all our nannies. Efficient and extremely comprehensive with our references, we do biometric fingerprint screening on all our nannies and will ONLY offer you an outstanding nanny with an exceptional track record and a clean criminal record.

Personal Attention, Safety and Support

When working with a nanny services agency such as ours, not only will your little ones get all the personal attention that they need, but you will also get all the support you deserve. First of all, your baby or young child will get to stay in their safe surroundings, where they can eat and nap on their own schedule, and secondly, a huge factor that many parents overlook is that they will also avoid exposure to all those nasty germs that can easily be contracted at day care. Now we all know how stressful it can be juggling a career while raising young kids, and our nanny services are beneficial in relieving a lot of that stress. Nanny services can be extremely instrumental in lightening the load by making sure that the house is clean, the laundry has been taken care of, and the kids are bathed and fed by the time you get home from work.  

Finding someone legitimate and trustworthy is quite a tough job to do on your own, but with our nanny services in Johannesburg, we simply give working moms and dads the freedom of peace, so that they can get on with their working day without any anxiety and stress. Committed to finding you ONLY the very best nanny for your child and home, we also focus on finding families au pairs, domestic workers, gardeners, handymen, nurses, housekeepers and personal drivers. As the most accredited and established nanny services agency in Johannesburg, we will ensure that you get the very best and most qualified nanny in the city, because when it comes to your family – you deserve safety, honesty and reliability. To learn more about our nanny services in Johannesburg, contact us today.


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