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Take Care of Your Debilitated Loved One with Qualified Drivers and Nurses from NannyMaids


Are you currently taking major strain with a loved one that cannot live independently due to old age, or physical, psychological or mental disability? When you’re faced with the difficult dilemma of not being able to cope whilst taking care of someone you care for dearly, there are not many options available, except to put them in a nursing home or to find a qualified driver and nurse that can take care of their needs while you’re at work.

If you find yourself in this very position right now, then you’re probably struggling with what would be best for both of you. While making this decision is not an easy one, keep in mind that life is unpredictable and any type of accident, calamity or tragedy can arise within a split second, which means that it’s best to rather be safe than sorry. While you may not feel right about sending your loved one to a nursing home, depending on the level of services your loved one requires, turning to a placement agency that can offer you qualified drivers and nurses could prove to be the best decision. Offering many benefits that range from day or night shift assistance, better quality of life and companionship, to peace of mind – hiring a qualified driver and nurse is a much better option for those that don’t require full-time care.

About NannyMaids

Situated in Johannesburg, we are a credible placement agency that takes great pride in our philosophy of remaining ethical, honest, reliable and efficient. Very similar to a matchmaking service, we are committed to finding you the very best qualified drivers and nurses for your loved one.

Finding qualified drivers and nurses can be a daunting task, not only is it gruelling, but it’s also extremely time-consuming and frustrating. One of the many reasons why our clients place so much trust in our placement agency is because we provide peace of mind that comes from doing meticulous investigations and screening on all our candidates. There are many people that simply don’t have the time to advertise, screen, interview and run background checks on candidates for such positions, and this is where we excel.  When you partner with our reputable placement agency, we do all the work for you – from drug testing, criminal background checks, biometric fingerprint screening, exhaustive interviews, education and credential confirmations, to résumé investigations, reference verifications and personality tests.

We Only Hire Exceptional Qualified Drivers and Nurses

At NannyMaids, we’ve been in the placement industry for many years and will only ever offer you credible, qualified drivers and nurses with exceptional training and references. At NannyMaids, we can offer you a personal driver for the morning, afternoon, evening or the entire day. Our driver will arrive at your home at the requested time, where they will chauffeur your loved one in your vehicle to wherever they wish to go. Once all errands have been completed, your loved one and your car will be returned home safely.

While hiring a personal driver to take your loved one from A to B is both convenient and straightforward, hiring a nurse is a much more complex and demanding task. The responsibility of looking after your loved one cannot be given to just any nurse, which is why we take the time to get to know both our clients and our nurses before we pair them up. At NannyMaids, we’re proud to offer you a wide selection of dedicated, loving and caring healthcare workers that range from the following:

  • Registered Nurses – having earned a valid nursing council registration number, registered nurses have a 4-year tertiary qualification or degree. Working under the supervision of a general practitioner, a nurse is someone that has worked with patients in high care and is able to administer medications and injections, and assist with oxygen support, breathing ventilators, tracheas and Mic-keys.


  • Care Givers and Frail Care Workers – care givers and frail care workers have usually completed a short course in care-giving. While they are not qualified to work in hospitals, they are qualified to dress wounds and administer injections and insulin to patients that are bedridden.

As the most accredited and established placement agency in Gauteng, when you partner with us, we will ensure that you get the very best and most qualified drivers and nurses, because when it comes to your loved one – ONLY the best will do!  To learn more about our placement services, contact us today.


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